Make the Call is a values-based ethical decision-making module for 15- to 18-year-olds who participate in sport or are part of a Grade 11 or 12 physical and health education program. The module is composed of an interactive e-learning course and a set of complementary classroom tools. Make the Call is available in English and French

This program is designed for students in the Train to Compete stage of Canadian Sport for Life’s Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. It is at this stage, that athletes begin serious competition, and commit to high-volume and high-intensity training throughout the year. Because of the physical and social demands on these athletes, nutrition, sport psychology, and recovery become extremely important. Make the Call offers a values-based model to help both the athletes themselves, as well as their peers, navigate the difficult decisions ahead of them.

Make the Call E-learning

The e-learning course takes an interactive and experiential, values-based look at substances, supplements, and drugs common to the sport experience at this age. The course provides learners with a framework for ethical decision-making, and gives users a chance to actually confront plausible situations, such as:

  • an offer to use supplements to combat fatigue,
  • an offer of anabolic steroids to gain muscle mass,
  • a friend’s use of substances to drop weight,
  • confronting a teammate’s underage drinking,
  • dealing with a friend’s abuse of prescription drugs

These illustrated and voice-acted scenarios will show learners how to use the True Sport Principles to make the best decisions for themselves.

Take the course on the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport website.

Make the Call Classroom Tools

As a supplement to Make the Call, a 10-lesson unit has been developed to build on the questions and concepts introduced in the e-learning course. It broadens the scope of ethical decision-making from the sport experience to peer interactions and then into local and national communities, asking students to understand their own values, establish their own set of personal guiding principles, and finally, The Make the Call classroom tools are available digitally in English and French, and are designed to be compliant with grade 11 and 12 Health and Physical Education curricula across Canada.

The Make the Call classroom tools contain:

  • A Master Instructional Strategies document, identifying opportunities for assessment and evaluation, as well as accommodations for student with exceptionalities,
  • Outline of Materials
  • Ten lesson plans, including lecture notes and reference media,
  • Student worksheets and assignments, and
  • Evaluation criteria and KICA rubrics