Changing the Landscape of Sport through Philanthropy!

The True Sport Foundation is dedicated to advancing and supporting values-based and principle-driven sport throughout Canada. The True Sport Foundation embraces and promotes the seven True Sport Principles as a means to instilling character in our children, strengthening Canadian communities and increasing our opportunities for excellence.

If you believe that good sport can make a great difference, you can work with the True Sport Foundation to set-up a dedicated fund whereby any individual or group can make a charitable donation that will support projects and initiatives that further the True Sport Foundation’s charitable purpose(s) and that deliver on the True Sport Principles in your community, sport organization or club.

What are the benefits of the Support for Sport Program?

  • Your sport organization will positively contribute to Canadian society by supporting initiatives that are values-based and principle-driven.
  • Donors will receive a charitable tax receipt for 100% of the amount donated

Do you have an initiative that is values-based and principle-driven? Do you have a project that you believe would further the True Sport Foundation’s charitable purpose(s)? To learn more about this opportunity or to find out how to set-up a dedicated fund, please contact Jillian Black at

For more information, please contact:

Jillian Black, Officer True Sport
Telephone:  +1-613 526-6043, ext 3234