True Sport Foundation Announces 2024 Recipients of the Sport Study Scholarship from the Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund

Ottawa – June 18, 2024 – The True Sport Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund sport study scholarship. The awards, in the amount of $2,000 each, have been awarded to Sophie Inkpen, Craig Hillier, and Jesse Porter, who are all active in the Canadian sport community. Their studies are titled:

  • Sophie Inkpen: “ONSIDE: Inviting youth conversations to foster positive hockey culture” (Masters of Kinesiology, Dalhousie University)
  • Craig Hillier: “Exploration of ‘Winning with Wellbeing’ in Youth Sport Spaces” (PhD in Applied Health Sciences, University of Manitoba)
  • Jesse Porter: “Values, Care, and Women Coaches’ Work: An Institutional Ethnography” (PhD in Kinesiology and Physical Education, University of Toronto)

The Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund is a national endowment fund established by life-long leader in sport, Lyle Makosky. The sport study scholarship program provides annual financial awards to support the study of values and ethics-based challenges, and related policies affecting non-professional Canadian sport. The True Sport Foundation manages the fund and selects award winners.


“There is usually a question of values at the core of the challenges and issues facing sport today… which values do we wish to be embodied and reflected in Canadian sport; which values are important to engage; which fundamental values are under threat, and so on. It is encouraging to see that the Values and Ethics Fund is helping to reveal and support the thoughtful and engaging study of such questions in Canadian sport.”
– Lyle Makosky

“The True Sport Foundation is pleased that these scholarships will support students while they explore ethical issues impacting sport in Canada. These research projects will provide valuable insight into the Canadian sport community and have the potential to have a positive impact on athlete experiences.”
– Karri Dawson, Executive Director of the True Sport Foundation

“I am honoured to be a recipient of the Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund. Sport has played such an important role in my life as both an athlete and a coach. With our research, I hope to contribute to the community and to make it a more positive place for the next generation of athletes.”
– Sophie Inkpen

“I am both humbled and honoured to receive the Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Award. I would like to personally thank the True Sport Foundation for providing an opportunity to create space and work towards building stronger values and ethics in youth sports environments. I intend to encourage ‘Winning with Well-being’ to highlight and promote the True Sport values surrounding enjoyment, health, and happiness within youth sports spaces.”
– Craig Hillier

“I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of the Lyle Makosky Values and Ethics in Sport Fund. As both a university and community coach, this work is near and dear to my heart. This generous award will support my doctoral research at the University of Toronto, where I am exploring the intersection of care work and safeguarding in the facilitation of values-based and ethical sport. To date, the safe sport movement has focused heavily on prevention and outlining what not to do through policy and training. My hope is that this research will bring attention to the often taken-for-granted care work of coaches and administrators, emphasizing how we can promote optimal and sustainable sport experiences that balance performance and well-being.”
– Jesse Porter

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